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christhileI didn’t know anything about Chris Thile or the Punch Brother’s band except that I dug their music on I-Tunes.  I always enjoy a good melody with unique layered complexities with interesting harmonies with a twinge of atonal effects.  I am an old school Phish, Pink Floyd, Sigur Rose, Portishead, Tori Amos and Talking Heads fan so that gives you an idea of the type of listener I am!  My husband bought us tickets to the Fresh Grass Festival, so we can see them live.  This was our first real date night since the birth of our beautiful girl, Melody, who is 8 months old now.  After seeing them live, I have a whole new level of respect for this band.  There was deeply moving spiritual aspect to their music, with an emphasis on faith (w.o.dogma).  At first I thought maybe I was just projecting what I wanted to experience, but when I went home and listened to the videos I made, and read the lyrics, I realized my gut was right- these guys really appreciate life, beauty & the spirit that moves us all, especially during times of creative exploration!  The artist in me felt moved…  freshgrass1thileSo then I discovered that Chris Thile is from a Christian background and still practices gratitude, prayer and meditation on a daily basis.  That’s awesome!  I have been looking for positive music that emphasizes the power of faith, rather than most pop music which focuses heavily on relationships, sex, drugs & violence.  This was a fresh reminder that spiritual (not religious) music is not dead!

“We are tempted to distance ourselves from the things that are truly powerful and beautiful in life,” said Thile. “Faith is certainly one of those things. Faith is huge, and so are friendships and our family relationships. …

Punch Brothers LIVE@ Mass MoCa Freshgrass Festival
Punch Brothers LIVE@ Mass MoCa Freshgrass Festival

“Anything that is truly worthwhile is both powerful and dangerous at the same time. Anything that is truly beautiful and lovely can also turn twisted and ugly. But we can’t hide from all of that. That’s what is real.”

Quote from:

Chris Thiles of Punch Brothers LIVE at Freshgrass Festival Mass MoCa
Chris Thiles of Punch Brothers LIVE at Freshgrass Festival Mass MoCa

In case you haven’t heard, yesterday it was announced that Chris Thile – mandolin virtuoso, composer and songwriter – is the latest recipient of a $500,000 “Genius Grant,” the shorthand for a being named a MacArthur Fellow.

Here is a-  Video of Chris discussing his aspirations as a mandolin player and his shock that he won the MacArthur Award

For more inspiration, here is a link to some of the videos I took from the show-


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