Maintaining Stillness in Time


Just a little poetic ramble about life as mom, not working and trying to stay grounded through prayer and meditation…

Maintaining Stillness in Time

As the clock tics busy like the bee,

I want to join in it’s syncopated paragon.

I want to compete with time

Outsmart time

and win the race

Thoughts scramble to control my decisions


As the minutes pass

I practice counting my breaths

until I forget about the counting

and focus on the sensations of breath.

The cool inhale within my nostrils

     The diaphragm expanding

              The warm sensation as I breath my mouth

                                    My lips becoming slightly chapped

I am tempted to lick them but I know that will only provide momentary relief, so I remain still.


I should be cleaning…

Let go…


I should be working on resume…


I should call…


I should…

Let go of the “I shoulds…”



Let go of the “I, me, myself…” Shed the ego that confines you…

———-Be Still————–


Finally, I quiet my thoughts for just long enough to receive the blessings of the universe…

The awareness of truth, light & beauty in stillness comes back…

I have finally emptied my mind just enough to let God back in.

My freedom.  My salvation.  My Surrender to God’s TIME has paid off.  I sat still and he listened.  I prayed and he came.  I relinquished control, and he provided comfort and relief.   Thank you God, the universe and all higher spirits everywhere for showing me how to sit and be still.




Here is a quote I have on my mirror to remind me:

“Don’t just do something, sit there!”

Be Buddha
Be Buddha


One thought on “Maintaining Stillness in Time”

  1. I used to meditate quite regularly before I got pregnant. After, I just felt like I didn’t have any more time for that; I had work, a new lifestyle, a lot to learn. .. This would have been the perfect time to find that peaceful moment with my inner, but I didn’t push hard enough to stick with it. Thanks for this post, it helped me remember how great and insightful meditation really is. Hope to read new posts soon. Stay blessed


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