The Great Awakening, The Transformative Shift, The New Earth… no matter what you call it, Mike Parsons is an inspiration to so many truth seekers as we enter into our new identity through our union with Jesus. Mike’s latest blog will help believers to live in dual realms… Let me know what you think!! COMMENT BELOW….

Mike Parsons:

Do you Have an interest in becoming a part of an Ekklesia group? A Focus group or just want some guidance navigating around this new and exciting time in history where, with faith, peace and love, all things are possible! Would you consider applying for a Scholarship?….

YES, that means FREE educational fast tract to the Supernatural, mystical , power of an unstoppable God who pursues us… again…. again… and again….

Christ strengthens our souls continually with the love of the father and the work of the holy spirit!

The soul, which was wounded by religion, politics, educational institutions, toxic relationships, can begin to heal once you start putting in a little the effort to make it happen!

Pick from the following questions and see if the K.E.Y.S is the place for you!

  1. What makes you hesitant to read this article?
  2. Where do you believe you are lacking the ability to share your voice?
  3. Have you come to understand that, in Christ, there is NO SEPARATION?
  4. There is no HIERARCHY in the Trinity, so why believe in the Trinity?
  5. If “God desires all to be saved” & “we trust in the living God, who is the Savior of ALL men, especially of those who believe.(1tim2:4 & 1tim4:10). then why repent? I want to say, “because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand” But, that’s for another lesson! For this question: YOU tell me WHY you believe in Salvation for ALL or why you DON’T believe in Salvation for ALL, otherwise known as “restorative theology”
  6. Did you know the Greek for repent is Metanoia which means “change your mind”? What does God want you to believe about him? What is God’s true nature? Have you read “The Mirror” Translation by Francois Du Toit  and what do you think about this translation?
  7. What do you believe religion has done that was helpful in your walk in faith and when religion stopped working, how did your relationship with God change for the better? What has holy spirit been showing you lately? (aka: What do you see beyond the veil ?).

PLEASE SEND ALL ANSWERS to NISSBLISS777@GMAIL.COM or type below in comments. DEADLINE for SCHOLARSHIP : 12/15/2020

Separating and reintegrating soul and spirit (1) — Sons of IssacharMike Parsons with Jeremy Westcott –  Live in dual realms If we are to mature into our heavenly roles as sons of God, we cannot continually be stepping in through the veil and then out again: we will need the ability to live in dual realms of heaven and earth at the same time. For […]

274. Separating and reintegrating soul and spirit (1) — Sons of Issachar

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I am an enthusiastic daughter of God before anything! I serve as a literacy consultant, an Adult ESL teacher, a creative writing enthusiast, and a happy mommy ! Aside from being a better mom by challenging myself to take the time to work with her on kindergarten reading & math goals, including participating in some of her very imaginative play games, my goal has also been to write a couple blogs a week. I am trying to stay connected to the world in a spiritual, educational and hopefully inspirational way to bring joy to other blog readers! Not to mention a nice break up in the monotony of everyday mom life.

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