OHOW Childrens Ministry and Orphanage – Bugiri, Uganda


We are helping  Open Hearts for Orphans and Widows (OHOW), a Ministry and Orphanage located in a small East African village in Bugiri, Uganda.  The orphanage is under the care of Katabalwa (David) Noe, founder and director of this Ministry.

The orphanage supports and nurtures 20 children aged 4 to 15 years as well as 5 widows.  With your donations, David can continue to provide these deserving children with a loving, Christ-centered home where they can sleep, eat, learn, and live a peaceful life.

Your donations will help pay for:
– food to eat
– cooking fuel
– fresh water (no well is available)
– school supplies
– utilities
– essential medical expenses as necessary

We need the funding as an ongoing basis–for example a 10 dollar donation can feed as many as 5 kids per day.  Our goal is to provide $750 per month to allow the orphanage to run without a feeling of scarcity, providing an environment for learning and living a Christ centered home.

The donations are being collected by Steven Sutankayo and then transferred to David as they are received.  This allows us to collect money from all countries through credit card payment and then transfer the funds through the WorldRemit money transfer service.

For anyone that would like a testimonial to the authenticity of our fundraising, please contact us for more information.  David works very hard for the health and welfare of the wards of the Orphanage, and deserves our faith and trust in his efforts.

– Katabalwa David Noe  https://www.facebook.com/OpenHeartsforOrphansandWidows/
– Pastor Jack Noe               https://www.facebook.com/jack.noe.56
– Steven Sutankayo           https://www.facebook.com/ssutankayo
– Dustin Kyle Humeny    https://www.facebook.com/dustin.humeny
– Anissa P Zucker              https://www.facebook.com/anissa.zucker


Published by: Niss Bliss777

I am an enthusiastic daughter of God before anything! I serve as a literacy consultant, an Adult ESL teacher, a creative writing enthusiast, and a happy mommy ! Aside from being a better mom by challenging myself to take the time to work with her on kindergarten reading & math goals, including participating in some of her very imaginative play games, my goal has also been to write a couple blogs a week. I am trying to stay connected to the world in a spiritual, educational and hopefully inspirational way to bring joy to other blog readers! Not to mention a nice break up in the monotony of everyday mom life.

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